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     Finding the right cutting tool solutions can provide huge returns on your purchase. Let us help you select the product with the greatest value. At Choice Industrial Solutions, we specialize in customized stocking arrangements for our production customers.

Cant Saw - Nicholson

Cross-Cut - Nicholson

File Cards - Nicholson

File Handles - Nicholson

Flat Machinists' - Nicholson

Half Round Machinists' - Nicholson

Hand Machinists' - Nicholson

Knife Machinists

Long Angle Lathe - Nicholson

MagicutŪ - Nicholson

Mill Style - Nicholson

Round Chain Saw - Nicholson

Round Machinists' - Nicholson

Square Machinists' - Nicholson

Tapered Saw - Nicholson

Three Square Machinists' - Nicholson