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This is a listing of Manufacturers and Products, that Choice Industrial Solutions can service you with. Many products and manufacturers are represented in our on-line catalog, many are not. Information on any of the listings below can be forwarded to you, or if the Manufacturer is highlighted in Blue, a direct link to their Web Site is available by clicking on it.

Manufacturer Listing (Alphabetically)     Product Listing (Alphabetically)

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ManufacturerProduct Line
A[top of page]
ABBAdjustable Speed Drives, Elect
Accu-LubeCoolant and Coolant Applicator
Aero-MotiveWorkstation Components
Air Technical IndustriesScissor Lifts, Jibs
Akro MillsStorage Bins, Trays
AlemiteGrease Equipment and Fittings
Allied-LockeMill Chain & Sprockets
American Sleeve BearingsBronze Bushings
AnkrtiteAnchor Bolts
AnverVacuum Lifters
ApexInsert Bits
Arc AbrasivesCoated Abrasives, Non-Woven Ab
Armstrong HoseTubing
AROAir Tools
AshcroftGauges, Thermometers
Atlas FastenersFasteners: Cap Screws, Nuts, W
B[top of page]
Base ManufacturingRacking
Best DiversifiedConveyors
BijurLubrication Equipment
BlackhawkHand Tools
BondhusHand Tools
Boston Technical FurnitureWorkstation Benches
BreezeHose Clamps
Brighton BestSocket Fasteners
C[top of page]
Cambell ChainLink Chain and Fittings
CarborundumBonded Abrasives,Coated Abrasi
Castrol Heavy Duty LubesGreases, Lube oils
Castrol MetalworkingCoolants, Cleaners, Corrosion
Chantland ManufacturingConveyor Pulleys
Chicago PneumaticAir Tools
Chicago RawhideShaft Seals
ClecoAir Tools
Cleveland Twist DrillDrills, End Mills
Cleveland VibratorAir Vibrators
Clipper LacingBelt Lacing
CM CorpLifting And Binding Products,
CoilhoseAir Line Fittings, Blow Guns,
Columbus McKinnonLifting And Binding Products,
Complex Steel & WireWire Mesh Enclosures
ControxEnd Mills- Cobalt, Carbide
Conveyor Components
Cooper Tools
Cox ReelsHose Reels
Crescent ToolsHand Tools
D[top of page]
DanlyDie Sets, Springs
DarexDrill Sharpeners
DaycoHose, V-Belts, HTD Belts, Vari
DBI SalaFall Restraint and Confined Sp
Desmond StephansonDressing Tools for Grinding Wh
DeStaCoHold Down Clamps
DevconRepair Epoxies, Floor Coating
DixonAir Line Fittings, Clamps
DMLInsert Bits
Dresser IndustriesAshcroft Pressure Gauges
DumontKeyway Broaches
Dura-LineCoated Abrasives: Belts, Discs
DuramasterAir Cylinders
Durham ManufacturingStorage Cabinets
DykemSafeTap Coolants, Layout Fluid
DynabradeAir Tools
E[top of page]
EagleOilers, Gas Cans
Econo-MfgOverhead Conveyors
EklindHex & Torx Key Sets
Ekstrom CarlsonRouter Bits, Sanding Tools
EnerpacHydraulic Tools
EnpacSpill Containment
ErgomatFloor Mats
ErgoTechWork Positioners
ExairVortec Air Tools
F[top of page]
FairbanksCasters, Carts
Fairview FittingsAir Line Fittings
Falcon AbrasivesAbrasive Cut-off Wheels
FalkGear Reducers, Shaft Couplings
Fenner DrivesLink Belting
Fiske BrosCoolants
FlexaustHose: Material Handling, Ducti
FlexcoBelt Fasteners
FMCScrew Conveyors, Conveyor Idle
Forest CityWoodworking Cutting Tools
Frick GallagherCabinets
FullertonCarbide Tooling
G[top of page]
GarlandUHMW Stock
Gates HoseIndustrial Hose
GillisCarts, Shelving
GraymillsParts Washers, Pumps
Greenfield IndCutting Tools
GuardairBlow Guns
H[top of page]
Hamilton CastersCasters
Handling SystemsJibs, Spreader Beams
HeimRod End Bearings
HelicoilThread Repair Inserts
Hi-TechSnap Ring Pliers
Hilman RollersMachinery Movers
HindleyHardware: Screw Eyes, S-Hooks,
HK PorterBolt and Strap Cutters
HodgeCabinets, Carts
HuotDrill Index Boxes
I[top of page]
Ingersoll RandAir Tools, Hoists, Pullers
IR ToolsAir Tools
ITW Fluid ProductsSafeTap Coolants
ITW VortecVortec Air Tools
J[top of page]
Jason IndV-Belts, Industrial Hose
JetPower Tools, Metal Working Mac
JustriteFlamible Storage Cabinets
K[top of page]
KadonPlastic Pallets, Storage Bins
KellerFilter Units
KleentecParts Washers
L[top of page]
La-CoThread Sealants
Lancaster ThreadedThreaded Rod
Lavallee & IdeReamers
Lee EngineeringPresto Scissor Lifts, Stackers
LeesonElectric Motors, Gear Reducers
LiftallLifting Slings, Binding Straps
LincolnGrease Equipment and Fittings
Link-BeltBearings, Roller Chain, Convey
LoosWire Rope
LovejoyCouplings, Rosta Tensioners
LS StarrettPrecision Tools, Bandsaw Blade
LubriplateGreases and Oils
LufkinTape Measures
Lynn LadderLadders
LyonShelving, Racking, Cabinents,
M[top of page]
MA FordCutting Tools
MagnaInsert Bits
MarsonRivets and Tools
MartinCouplings, Gears, Sheaves, Spr
Maryland Wire BeltsWire Mesh Belting
Master PowerAir Tools
Maxi-LiftElevator Buckets
Miller BearingBearings
Milwaukee ElectricPower Tools and Accessories
Moon CutterCutting Tools
MulhernConveyor Belting
MultitonPallet Trucks and Stackers
N[top of page]
Nashville Wire ProductsWire Mesh
National DetroitAir Tools
Never-SeezAntiseze Compound
New England CarbideMasonry Cutting Tools
Northwestern Tools
O[top of page]
Omni MetalcraftConveyors
OrbisStorage Container
OsbornBrushes, Wire Wheels
P[top of page]
Payson CastersCasters
PCIConveyor Rolls, Track Rolls
Peer BearingBearings
PentaliftScissor Lifts
Porter CablePower Tools and Accessories
Precision BrandKeystock, Music Wire, Shim Sto
Precision PulleyConveyor Pulleys
Precision TwistCutting Tools
PrestoScissor Lifts, Pallet Lifts an
PrimarkInsert Bits
Q[top of page]
QC IndustriesConveyors
QIEElectrical Board Repair
Quantum StorageStorage Containers
R[top of page]
RadiacGrinding Wheels
RBC BearingsBearings
ReelcraftHose Reels
Republic StorageRacking
RexnordBearings, Gear Drives, Roller
RidgidPlumbing Tools
Rol-LiftPallet Trucks and Stackers
Royal ProductsMachine Tool Accessories
RuwacVacuum Cleaners
S[top of page]
Safe TapTapping Fluids
SaitAbrasives: Belts, Cut-Off, Dis
Sancap AbrasivesAbrasives: Belts, Discs, Rolls
SapphireRoller chain
Sauk Valley ????Fluid Dispensers
SencoStaple and Nail Guns
SGSCarbide Tools
Shop-VacVacuum Cleaners
Simple GreenCleaners
Singer SafetyStrip Barriers
SMC PneumaticsAir Line Products: Cylinders,
Sorbent ProductsSorbent Booms, Pads, Rolls, Sh
SouthworthScissor Lifts, Carts
SPCSorbent Booms, Pads, Rolls, Sh
Speedway ConveyorsConveyors
Spraying SystemsSpray Nozzles
SprayonAerosol Cleaners, Chemicals, L
Standard AbrasivesAbrasives: Belts, Discs, Rolls
Star ExpansionAnchor Fasteners
StarrettPrecision Tools, Bandsaw Blade
Sticks & StonesBonded Abrasive Dressing Stick
StuhrAir Sanders
T[top of page]
TECOTooling Fixtures
Tennesse MatFloor Mats
TitexCutting Tools
U[top of page]
Union ButterfieldCutting Tools
Union Gear & SprocketGearing
United AbrasivesAbrasives: Belts, Cut-Off, Dis
V[top of page]
Valley CraftPallet and Drum Handling Lifts
VestilMaterial Handling: Carts, Lift
VibcoAir Vibrators
Vise-GripHand Tools
VortecVortec Air Tools
VR WessonCarbide Inserts
W[top of page]
WattsAir Line Products: Filters, Lu
WD-40Corrosion Preventative
Webber GageInspection Tools
Wej-itAnchor Fasteners
WellerSoldering Equipment
WeraHand Tools
WL FullerWoodworking Cutting Tools
Workrite ErgonomicsAdjustable Work Tables
Y[top of page]
Yankee ReamerReamers